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Contact owner at:
Trent Jason
P.O. Box 981
Laytonville, CA 95454-0981
(707) 984-6570

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     Three bedrooms converted into two, two full bathrooms home, of 1,800 square feet, with a 600 square feet detached garage, was installed in 2002.  As a fully level and all useable vacant lot, 90 trees and 120 plants were installed, along with a pond and a waterfall, embraced by sod, plus a three tiered fountain, were placed at the front four acres of the property.  The low voltage night lighting provides a beautiful roadside view of these areas while traveling past this property.  The sod and plants around the sod area of the pond are watered by a substantial automatic irrigation system.
     This residence sits in a meadow by itself, on the side of the road which requires 320 acres before any property can be subdivided into two lots.   The back of the property, with its extensive windows, and French doors, allows the unobstructed, eastern facing, treed hilltop views to be seen with the colorful and unobstructed morning sunshine.
    The property has 242 itemized features.  The addition of the 27 photographs provides a visual description of this property.


     There is a septic system designed for a three bedrooms home, and there is also an existing water treatment system and 2,500 gallons water storage tank, with two pressure pumps in the 30 foot deep garage.  These items provide the legal allowance of an addition to this property at any time in the future.  The property also allows for a legal, secondary unit, attached or detached, on this property.
     While from the roadside, the house appears as a cabin, this home has an open floor plan, with 170 square feet of window area.   The simplicity of the home's exterior appearance was intentionally done for seismic safety and wind resistance.  In addition, the curtain drain takes the underground rain water run-off to the back of the property.
     The prepared package provides all of the general information and disclosures that a prudent buyer could utilize to make a decision before purchase.  Every manual and documentation for the equipment and operational system exists.  There are two thousand pages of documents, including every receipt and invoice statement, along with twenty pages of blueprints related to this property.   Everything is highly organized and fully detailed.  A pre-made purchase contract is also available.  The escrow period duration is flexible for buyer.
     This property has 18 handicap capacity features.  The lot is level and the garage and home are easily accessible.  The property is environmentally friendly with an on-site sewage treatment system.  There are no dead or dying plants or trees, and the property is in full compliance with all fire safety codes and regulations.
     The fully paved Branscomb Road is a major transportation road, connecting two California State Highways; being Highway 1 and Highway 101.   This area is composed of wide open spaces, and the only view corridor on this entire road is where the subject property is located.
     The driveway on the property has a substantial rock base with a thick, and sealed, blacktop surface.  The property was developed over 12 years, into a park-like setting, yet, with all of the on-site amenities that a city person would hope for in a country home.  The sides and rear of the property are fenced.
    Everything was done by permits, when permits were required, and everything was built at, or above, building code requirements, and everything is guaranteed to be operating in full and proper fashion.  Any defects discovered in any of several types of property inspections will be cured at property owner's expense, prior to the close of escrow.  This home is deemed a manufactured home, but most of the work was done on-site, and the upgrades exceed those of most homes that are constructed on-site.  For example, the roof load is 40 pounds per square foot.  The sheetrock was screwed into the walls.  The insulation is from R-22 to R-36.  The amenities list will confirm the extensive qualities of this property.
     Must see interiors, with a kitchen to die for.  12 feet tall Cathedral ceilings.
     Morning sunrises are seen in all rooms.  No curtains are needed from these windows because they face massive private open space with no homes to the east for miles.
     You can see 7 satellites, and the outline of the galaxy, without a telescope, from this property.
     All of the amenities of a city home, but in a zone area of 20 acres to 160 acres per lot.
     Full southern exposure.  Minimal susceptibility of mold because of all day sunlight.
     3,000 square feet asphalt driveway with over 6 inch deed crushed rock.
     Driveway exits on Branscomb Road with a quarter mile view of traffic in both directions.
     18 Handicap capacity features.  These are itemized on the Internet site.
     10 level acres with the front five acres landscaped.  Own your own park.  It would take $200,000.00 to do the current landscaping as it now exists.
     This property legally allows for a second residence and the existing water and septic system requirements allow such a secondarly residence.
     On the grid.  No dirt roads to travel on to the property or on the property.
     Extensive parts and materials, in the thousands of dollars, will be provided to buyer.
     Cleanest home you will ever see.  Move-in condition.

     There is very extensive documentation, in a highly organized format, for this property, and it is available to buyer before buyer prepares any contract offer.

     A Photocopy of all receipts and permits are bound together and also available for the Buyer.

     All statutory and non-statutory disclosures and documents are also bound together.

     All operating and maintenence manuals exist in two large vinyl binders for buyer.

     There are twenty pages of blueprint sized plans also available for buyer.

     Seller was a long time California real estate agent, first licensed in California in 1982.

     Seller is deemed an expert in real estate matters.

     Seller will provide formal, written statements to all questions asked in writing.

     Brand new, fifty years duration asphalt shingles and metal flashing on both the residential structure and the 600 square foot garage.  (Life expectancy of new roofs are actually only two-thirds of the duration represented; so the roofs have actual life expectancies of 33 years - through January 01, 2050.)
     Seller will provide Section 1 Certification of Compliance at the close of escrow.  No wood destorying insects (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) or rodents or dry rot is expected to be found based on prior inspections.  All windows, doors, and siding were fully caulked, over a one week period, in June of 2017.
     Dual layered 3/4th inch (total of 1.5 inches) thick cedar siding on front and back of residence and single 3/4 inch on sides.  Last stained in August, 2017.
     Complies with California Building Code, section 1806.1 - exposed concrete stem walls around entire garage and residence of at least six inches in height.
     Full compliance with each and every one of the ten California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's defensible space requirements, pursuant to California Public Resources Code, section 4291, and Title 14, California Code of Regulations, section 1299: Defensible space.
     No dead brances, dead trees, or wood debris within 400 feet of the residence.  No tall grass from the overhead telephone lines on Branscomb Road to the residence or garage - a distance of two hundred feet.  No tall grass within 100 feet of the structures or any of the 90 trees.  No brances within five feet of the ground for trees of eighteen feet in height or more.
     Seller warrants everything.  If there are any defects, or deferred maintenance found by Buyer, during escrow, Seller will pay for all costs to make the recommended corrections, before the close of escrow.
     Everything was done to code, or above.
     Everything was done by permit, where a permit was required by either Mendocino County or the State of California.
     Twenty-five California licensed contractors were involved in the development of this property.  Seller will provide names and addresses of these during escrow.
     The on-site sewage treatment and disposal system, which would cost $40,000.00 to install today, is above all California State and federal requirements.  Located outside of the Laytonville Water District, which requires installation of a sewage treatment plant and sewer line hook-ups for all 500 parces in this water district - at an estimated cost of $80,000.00 per parcel for residential lots - possibly by the 2013 year.
     Seller will credit Buyer $40,000.00 for new flooring in the bedrooms, dining room area, living room area, and the entryway.  If Buyer desires carpeting, then it will also include new, high grade padding for underneath the carpeting.
     Seller intends to grade out the rear half of the property, to remove wire grass, a small blackberry patch, and four small trees; and in such a manner that the lot is more level and so that it will maintain natural grass cover that is easily walkable by persons and animals.