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* = feature provides handicap accessibility

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*1.  Single level ranch home, with no interior stairs, and no exterior stairs at the front entry, makes it handicap accessible.

2.  Fiscal year 2001 construction.   Certificate of occupancy was February 28, 2002.

3.  No lead based paint or asbestos anywhere in residence.

4.  1,800 square feet (, including interior and exterior walls, closets, halls, bathrooms, and all rooms,) composed of two master bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, and, an open living room and dining room.

5.  All rooms have panoramic, unobstructed views.

6.  The bedrooms, living and dining rooms take in the morning sun with full eastern exposure.

7.  The nine operating panels for the property (, electric, telephone, water system, sewer system,) are all located on, or in, the garage, so that the residence is free from the loss of esthetics.

8.  Solid, horizontal lap siding, kiln dried, incense cedar wood, on the entire exterior walling; with stainless steel nails.   The front and rear of the house have two layers of cedar siding.  This increases the insulation quality, while providing enormous sheer strength to the residence.  The siding was re-caulked in June, 2017.

9.  The facia, the wood under the roof eves, the window trim, the corner trim, and the front entry trim are also installed with stainless steel nails.

10.  Cabot brand, cedar color stain was both rolled, and brushed on, on all sides of the exterior siding before installation.  Additional coats were installed, thereafter. The last coating was in August, 2017.

11.  4/12 roof pitch with a 40 pounds per square foot roof load; which allows for the weight of roof tiles in the future if desired.  New, 50 years life expectancy roof installed in June, 2017.

12.  Duracoat brand, white painted, seamless gutters, and downspouts, on both residence and garage, with a resilient sealed acrylic modified poly resin finish on aluminum, providing a lifetime guarantee.

13.  Vinyl framed, low "E" gas, dual pane windows.

14.  Most of the windows are oversized for maximizing scenic views. (All windows and doors were caulked in June, 2017)

15.  Valances exist above all windows.

16.  All copper plumbing in the residence; versus P.V.C. pipes.

17.  Cathedral ceilings throughout.

18.  Seven feet wide foyer.

*19.  Guest closet (, with three feet wide door).

20.  Cresdek brand flooring provides only thirty percent of the seams of plywood flooring, and has conditions superior to plywood.

21.  Upgraded, quality, white colored carpeting throughout living areas, both bedrooms, the larger bathroom, and the closets.  The living room carpeting was installed in September 2013.  New laminated floors and trim were installed in the dining room and master bathroom in August, 2013.

22.  1/2 inch thick rebound carpet padding.

23.  Perimeter floor heaters throughout.

24.  1/2 inch gypsum board (, also known as sheetrock,) on all walls and ceiling.

25.  All corners of sheetrock are rounded.

26.  Textured interior walls throughout residence.

27.  Down flow, forced air, Coleman brand central heating system, with an electronic ignition. State-of-the-art Honeywell brand, focus Pro 5000 series digital thermostat with display screen, automatic heat and cool changer (if an air conditioning unit is installed), plus built in compressor protection, and battery back-up protection, installed in March, 2015.

28.  The heating system is built in with an air conditioner ready system.

29.  Insulated, and circular sized, air ducts.

30.  All doors have brass mortised door hinges; three per door.

*31.  Handicap accessible doors, with single lever handles, on all eight interior doors.

*32.  All interior doors, including those at bathrooms, and all closets, are 36 inches wide; for wheel chair accessibility.

33.  Ground fault circuit interrupters in wall sockets in kitchen and bathrooms.

34.  Telephone jacks in kitchen and both bedrooms.

35.  All wood frame studs are dry kiln; mitigating shrinking of framing after gypsum board (sheetrock) was installed.

36.  2" by 6" exterior wall studs; built 16 inches on center.

37.  R-19 interior-exterior wall insulation.  The cedar siding increased the R rating to 22.

38.  2" by 6" floor joists.

39.  R-22 floor insulation.

40.  16 inches on center roof truss.

41.  R-36 ceiling insulation.

42.  2" by 4" interior wall studs, built sixteen inches on center.

43.  Thermo-Ply brand insulative sheathing between cedar siding and exterior stud walling:

     a) Nails tighter than plywood;

     b) Non-toxic;

     c) Not prone to termite damage;

     d) Low class (Class "C") flame spread;

     e) Racking and sheering strength.

44.  A pressure balancing damper exists which was designed so that air can pass to the exterior of the home, relieving a slight increase of pressure caused by the introduction of fresh air from the blend air system.   This pressure balancing damper mitigates cold or hot draft air from entering the residence.

45.  Steel reinforced concrete poured foundation, with 29 concrete piers under foundation sustaining steel supports;

46.  The residence is anchor bolted to the foundation, and, square
(, versus round,) washers are installed to secure the bolts from turning.

47.  There are no overhead utility lines within seventy-five feet of the residence. (The overhead electric and telephone lines extend from the street to the garage, which is this 75 feet distance.)

48.  A curtain drain was installed adjacent to the front perimeter of the residence's foundation, to remove underground rain water run-off during the rainy season.

49.  Four, one foot tall 65 feet long steel support beams under residence extend the length of the residence.

50.  The water heater is in compliance with California Health and Safety Code, section 19215, related to bracing, anchoring, and strapping.  A new water heater was installed in June, 2013.

51.  The smoke detectors are in compliance with California Health and Safety Code, section 13113.8.  The smoke detectors also incorporate the required carbon monoxide detectors.

52.  All six locks of all exterior doors (, including side garage door,) can be unlocked with the same key; thus only one house/garage key is needed.

53.  The residence has 20 interior plants.  There are four very large planters, twenty planters which are sixteen inches tall and twenty inches wide, throughout the residence.


54.  The house is bolted and strapped to the foundation.

55.  There are no "cripple walls" under the residence.

56.  The exterior foundation does not consist of unconnected concrete piers or posts.

57.  The exterior walls of the foundation are not made of unreinforced masonry.

58.  The house does not have a living area over a garage, or over an open area, or other area which would be deemed a "soft shell."

59.  The house is not built on a hillside.

60.  Two areas of end walls, at the sides of the residence, in areas of thirteen feet in width, maintain sheer walls for seismic stability.

61.  Horizontal cedar siding, with two layers on the long sides (, front and rear sides,) of the residence, provide additional seismic stability to the residence.


62.  White on white appliances; with gas utility where applicable.

63.  New Whirlpool brand refrigerator, with built-in ice maker, installed in 2017.

64.  Maytag brand oven, with single finger touch, button operable.  Newly installed in June, 2013.

65.  Whirlpool brand cooktop (, separate from oven,) with four burners; composed of three different sizes, including one with a temperature capacity operate for use of a wok.

66.  Broan brand range vent.  Newly installed July, 2013.

67.  Kitchen Aid brand dishwasher, with single finger touch, button operable, and noise control.  Newly installed in June, 2013.

68.  Raised panel oak doors on kitchen cabinets.  Refinished in July, 2013.

69.  Concealed cabinet hinges in kitchen and bathroom.

70.  Dowel constructed, 3/4 inch thick face, framed cabinets.

71.  Side mounted, metal drawer guides.

72.  Adjustable shelving on all overhead cabinets.

*73.  Eight sets of handicap accessible roll out shelving in lower kitchen cabinets.

*74.  Two, handicap accessible, "Lazy Susie" spinning shelves in lower kitchen cabinets.

*75.  Three feet wide pantry, with four rollout drawers.

*76.  Delta brand, model 470-DST, white colored, single lever kitchen faucet with hose pull out.  Installed August, 2014.

77.  White colored enamel, Kohler brand double sinks.

78.  Emerson brand, Evolution Select Plus state of the art garbage disposal.  Newly installed in October, 2013.

79.  White tile on kitchen countertops. No deferred maintenance.

80.  The tiled countertops extend around the kitchen, with a separate, peninsula area between the dining room and living room areas; and include an extended area which allows bar stools for eating.

81.  "Canned" overhead kitchen lights; with a total of fourteen lights.  12 lights operate on one switch, while the remaining two lights, which are located above the peninsula kitchen counter top bar, have a separate switch.

82.  Two overhead accessory lights, with a separate switch, are located above the sink area.

83.  Armstrong brand, no wash vinyl flooring.


84.  Interior bathroom walls, adjacent to bedrooms, insulated to mitigate noise.

85.  White colored cultured "marble" countertops in each bathroom.

86.  White colored cabinets with recessed hinges.

87.  Six feet long oval tub in master bathroom.

88.  Two personal sinks in master bathroom.

89.  Lutron dimmer lighting switch is at one of the sinks in master bathroom.

90.  Desk area in master bathroom.

91.  Overhead cabinet, with glass doors, for towels, in master bathroom.

92.  Overhead cabinet for holding substantial toiletries, also in master bathroom.

*93.  Shower-tub in second bathroom; without sliding door for convenience of cleaning and handicap accessibility.

*94.  Handicap capacity, single lever faucets.

*95.  Handicap capacity, handrails in both bathroom showers.

*96.  Handicap capacity, handrails at both bathroom toilets.

*97.  Handicap capacity, toilets in both bathrooms.


98.  Separate room for clothes washer and dryer; off of kitchen.

99.  Interior electrical box; versus an inconvenient exterior mounted unit.

100.  Gibson brand, heavy duty commercial, top door freezer with the required separate circuit installed.

101.  Richmond brand, direct vent, 40 gallons capacity, gas utility water heater enclosed in fire preventive, non combustable unit, with interior access door. (Versus an exterior door.)  Newly installed in July, 2013.

102.  Sealed cumbustion, downflow, gas utility furnace, also enclosed in fire preventative closet.  Filtrete brand, high performance furnace filters.

*103.  General Electric brand, model GFW R-2700, clothes washer with steam technology (which loosens soil) and adaptive vibration control, with 18 control panel features and 15 different control settings.  Installed in May, 2015.

*104.  General Electric brand, model GFD R-270, super energy efficient propane utility gas dryer, with 18 control panel features and 15 different control settings.  Installed in May, 2015.

105.  Four feet wide cabinets in the utility room.


106.  Two, 6.5 feet wide by four feet tall windows in living room to maximize panoramic views.

107.  French doors from dining room lead to rear yard.

*108.  Handicap accessible, Hampton Bay brand, Windward model, white colored, 54 inches wide ceiling fan, with three different speeds in each direction, with lighting, and thermostat control, all through remote control operation.

109.  State of the art Dish Network High Definition Satellite system installed in 2013.  No rented equipment.

110.  Thomas brand, brushed nickel finished, five light chandelier with alabaster glass shades.

111.  Lutron brand incandescent dimmer switch for chandeleir.


112.  6.5 feet wide by four feet tall windows to maximize panoramic views.

113.  One of the bedrooms is designed for an office area on the west side of the residence.  This was a conversion of two bedrooms into one.

114.  The bedroom with the office area also maintains an additional, similar sized window, to allow light in, from the west, during the afternoon.

115.  Both bedrooms have a qualified sized walk-in closet for extra storage.

116.  The walk in closets have built in shelving.

*117.  One bedroom (, having the office area,) has an identical ceiling fan as the one described in the living room.